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Monday, February 13, 2006

Entrance, Taft Tunnel

Entrance, St. Paul Pass (Taft Tunnel) 6/12

This is the Montana side of the entrance to the 1.66 mile long St. Paul Pass tunnel. Bikes only allowed, you must wear helmets and a light. It is always cold, in fact, the air coming out of the tunnel feels like a refrigerator, and NO I would never go through it! ( You can drive up and over Roland Summit and park on the Idaho side.) Tomorrow I will post a picture on the Idaho side. When this tunnel was dug, it was started from both the Montana and Idaho side. When they met, they were only one inch off!

Posted by Big Piney Woods Cats at 7:33 AM


  • Blogger stebbijo posted at 11:39 AM  
    Awesome. I have not seen this - my hubby and I will have to take a weekend road trip for this.
  • Blogger Toni posted at 11:51 AM get there take the interstate East over Lookout Pass...take the exit (right past the rest stop in Montana) called Taft Area (to the right).....past a big pile of sand the highway dept has..follow the signs....
  • Blogger Phil posted at 8:45 PM  
    We might do that this summer... Go through it, I mean. I have a feeling we might run into a little tantrum from our 4-year-old, though. We'll have to talk it over first. She's been in the Sierra Silver Mine, but that Taft Tunnel looks spooky dark!
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