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Monday, June 12, 2006

Till Later.....

I won't be posting for a while. I am heading down to the Spokane Eye Clinic on Wed. for some tests; the results will let me know where I go from here. Wish me luck. We never appreciate the gift of site until we find out we may loose it.

I will still be updating the girls blog, I am committed now to the Catolympics, being the main reporter and having the event held here in the Big Piney Woods.

When I get the results back (I don't know how many days that will be) I will let you know at the bottom of this post.

Till later........


I have a macular hole. It is very very small........the Dr. had trouble detecting it, until one of the tests showed it in a photo. This test is very new, pictures are taken of the back of the eye and put on a computer. Rather than operate, he wants me to wait 2 months and have it rechecked. It is possible it will seal itself. (the operation is done with microscopes, the hole is sealed and a type of gas is filled in the back of the must remain FACE DOWN ALL THE TIME for 9 days so the hole can seal for the operation to be successful; very hard for me to do because of my bad vertigo/dizziness issue.) I have good vision in my right eye, it has picked up the slack, so for now, he said, go on as normal. (Is that possible?)

I guess this is good news??? I am not sure, at least I know what the problem is. Hoping it heals on it's own.

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