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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Panning For Gold

Boulder Creek....Bonners Ferry area

This is my youngest son, Aaron, panning for gold on Boulder Creek during our 2003 family campout. The only thing I can say is he didn't get rich but had a great time. There is also a ghost town nearby with old buildings (some still standing) and a graveyard, also lots of exciting history about a town called Leonia that my son Leigh is researching.


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  • Anonymous David posted at 1:20 PM  
    One of the tourist spots here has the same thing, panning for gold. It's more like washing dirt, but one visitor did get a few flakes of gold (more like luck than anything else). Generally, everyone enjoys themselves.

    And, no, I haven't done it. Colorado's gold is in hard rock mining.
  • Blogger David Kleinert posted at 4:43 PM  
    You have some nice landscape shots on your blog. Its great to see landscapes from other countries, Cheers.
  • Blogger granati posted at 4:46 PM  
    thanks for you comment on my blog about the bonsai. i appreciate it. great pictures btw.
  • Blogger Bre posted at 9:09 PM  
    This picture makes me want to go swimming, stupid winter needs to go away!
  • Anonymous BlogRank posted at 11:03 PM  
    Wow...the colours just sing! Beautiful.
    It also looks so refreshing..a muggy day where we are in Australia.
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