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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Exit, Taft Tunnel

End of Tunnel, Idaho side.....6/12

All along the trail there are markers like the one above, with very interesting information. The trail takes you through 9 tunnels and over 7 trestles. (None of the other tunnels are this length.) The trip will take you 3-4 hours on a 2% downhill grade (17 miles), one way to Pearson and then ride the shuttle bus back to the Idaho side of the St. Paul Pass tunnel (pictured above.) More information can be found on their website

P. S. I found the following information:

"The Hiawatha Bike Trail was opened in 1999, and enhanced in 2001 with the inclusion of the 1.7 mile long Taft Tunnel."

"The Hiawatha Trail was called one of the most scenic stretches of railroad in the country. When the Milwaukee Railroad was operating, the trains traversed through 11 tunnels and over 9 high trestles, covering a 46 mile route that crossed the rugged Bitterroot Mountains between Idaho and Montana. The “Route of the Hiawatha” is most famous for the long St. Paul Pass, or “Taft” Tunnel which burrows for 8771 ft. (1.66 miles) under the Bitterroot Mountains at the state line."

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