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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rock Wall

What does this have to do with Nature Trails, you ask. Well, nothing, really, except the rocks (most of them) were picked on one of our many trips up in the mountains.This is a small portion of the rock wall my husband built behind our free standing wood stove. The rocks were all picked at a switch-back going up to Schweitzer, years ago (except for the two bluish ones at the bottom, they came from Arizona.) There is a lot of mica in them, so they are really pretty. When he built the wall, he made some into shelves, handy for all sorts of things.

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  • Blogger Mrs. Mac posted at 6:53 AM  
    Ooooh Toni ... great pic. Thought it might be outside ... but behind your woodstove ... nice. I'm or I was a sea shell, beach glass & driftwood gatherer. Yes, I sometimes visit and post over at HBO.
  • Blogger Oreo posted at 4:40 AM  
    MMMMM, fireplace....MMMMOOOOOMMMMM
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