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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Breezy Point

On top of Breezy Point, St. Joe National Forest.....Taken 6/27

Yes, the wind blows a lot up on Breezy. Years ago, my husband and I sat up here and watched as airplanes dropped retardant on a forest fire, where we had a ring-side seat. We were actually looking in the opposite direction from what this picture was taken, as you have a 360 degree view. In the foreground is beargrass, the trees are alpine fir. I call them ice cream cone trees, because they tend to look like an upsidedown ice cream cone, growing straight and tall, rather than wide. They have a short growing season, as spring comes late to the high country, and winter returns early.

Posted by Big Piney Woods Cats at 6:33 AM


  • Anonymous Bob posted at 8:46 AM  
    This pic makes me anxious for summer to return. Y'know I think we have the best summers anywhere because they are so short. It's nature's tradeoff with us. It's worth it.
  • Blogger Toni posted at 9:14 AM  
    Hi Bob:

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting!!!

    Yes, ever since the weather started getting nicer I have been anxious to plant, walk, hike, and camp....
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