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Monday, March 27, 2006


Cineraria in the rain......Taken 3/25/06

Usually, I am a very happy, upbeat person. Sometimes, however, I become nostalgic and with that I get a feeling of melancholy. It might be a place, a picture, a song (like yesterday,an old Marty Robbin's classic.) The older I get, the more I realize how fragile life is, how short, how sweet. Maybe it was the rain pounding on the roof; my cat sitting at my feet, looking up at me while purring softly; or the feel of my husbands arms, as he held me close, my protector, my refuge, my love. All the things we have shared together over the years, both happy and sad, both good and bad, knowing nothing is forever, that someday it shall all come crashing down. Yup, it was that song and the rain. Give me a minute as I brush a tear away, tuck the memories of my children into that far away safe place, and become that happy, upbeat person again.

I bought four cineraria the other day, (three blue, one red) and repotted them. I bring them inside at night, it is still too cold. They, and the violas, give my doorway a springtime feel, something I need right now, as I wait patiently for the sun to come back.

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